Day Care Education and Training in New York

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Equipped with proper education and training, daycare providers can be given a license by the state of New York. In the said state, credentials and certifications are very important as it is the basis if a certain license will be approved or not. Thus, daycare providers must be reminded that each state have different licensing standards. Moreover, the state daycare centers prefer staffs which gained the required credentials.

Qualifications for the different positions in a daycare center in the state of New York differ. Thus, they must satisfy the requirements of the state for the license and by reviewing the state’s rules regarding to the licensing as this will help them a lot.

Aside from the educational requirements, the states of America require daycare providers as well as its staff to have a certification on CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) as well as training in First Aid. Trainings in CPR and First-Aid are either provided by the state or included in the coursework of colleges, universities, and other institutions. Educational requirements are being elaborated in the succeeding sections.

Classes offered through the State

The various universities and colleges in the state of New York have classes and degrees in childcare comparable to the other states’ colleges and universities. Individuals who want to establish a career in the daycare or childcare industry can take up several courses such as childhood education, childhood development, and the like.

Meanwhile, those who took up a different field of expertise but would want to work in a daycare center they can still have the chance to work as the state of New York accepts or credits several courses which are closely related to childhood education, given that the subject credits are the same.

Subjects like Child Care Laws, Child Growth and Development, Family and Community Relations, First Aid and CPR, Nutrition and Health, Psychology, and Small Business Management are the most common classes for a childcare degree. Basic education classes such as English, Mathematics, Sociology and the like should also be taken up.

Certifications Given for Completed Classes

With regards to the credentials and certificates, there are three credentials and certifications awarded by the state of New York to daycare providers including CDA, CCP, and NAC. The said credentials and certifications are also given by other states of America. An individual can earn these certificates if and only if they have finished and accomplished the necessary coursework, accomplished the credit hours, and attained the minimum working experience. Stated earlier, CPR and First Aid trainings are compulsory in the states of America.

The CDA credential (Child Development Associate) is given to daycare providers who have completed secondary education or a GED credential certification plus 480 working hours and 120 hours of formal education with children in the last five years. On the other hand, CCP (Certified Childcare Professional) is awarded to those who want to become daycare teachers, but have not finish their college degree or have taken up a different field.

The NAC (National Administrator Credential) is given by the state to those who want to become daycare managers and directors. The credential focuses further on the management of the organization as well as the administration, site maintenance, and planning and development of childcare programs.

Furthermore, there are several states in America that gives special credential or certifications in the trainings they attend. In the case of the state of New York, a required credential for daycare providers is the state’s Children’s Program Administrator Credential. Another required credential is Infant/Toddler Child Care Credential.

Interested individual can approach several departments and different networks that are concerned with the wellbeing of the children guarantees and remain to develop the quality of both residential and foster care for children and youth by endowing the abilities of the people responsible for everyday nurturing, care, and discipline of children either in residential facilities or foster home care. Several trainings and scholarships are offered by the state and they are usually free of charge.

Cost of the Classes

In the state of New York, the average tuition fee of childcare degrees and courses in universities and colleges is likely $1,000 to $45,000 annually. However, there are several factors that affect the rate or cost of tuition fee, such as, type of school (whether public or private, vocational or non-vocational), location of the school, and the degree you are currently enrolled.

Required Classes that Day Care Providers Should Take

The classes offered by the state are of the same classes that daycare providers should take. However, as stated earlier, directly related courses to childcare can be accepted by the state. Working experience and credit hours should also be completed as they are important as educational requirements.

It is important that staff members of the daycare center are capable of performing their respective duties and functions. They can be directed by participating and enrolling themselves in different trainings. Significantly, staff must be matured and of good character. Moreover, employees must then possess the appropriate personal qualifications and must be in good physical and mental health. They must also be stable emotionally to perform their responsibilities.

General Requirements for Director:

The director or the daycare provider must satisfy any of the following educational requirements;

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree holder with 12 credits of Early Childhood, Child Development or related field accompanied with both one year of teaching experience (full-time) in a childcare facility setting and supervising staff.
  2. New York State Children’s Program Administrator Credential with both a year one year of teaching experience (full-time) in a childcare facility setting and the like and supervising staff.
  3. An Associate’s degree holder in Early Childhood or closely related field with an intent to proceed to a Bachelor’s degree plus both two years of full-time experience as teacher in a childcare setting or supervising staff.
  4. CDA Credential with intent to purse a Bachelor’s degree plus both two years of full-time experience as teacher in a childcare setting and the like and as supervising staff.
  5. An Associate’s degree holder in Early Childhood or closely related field with an intent to proceed with a New York State Children’s Program Administrator Credential plus both two years full-time experience as teacher in a childcare setting and the like and as supervising staff.

General Requirements for Lead Teacher:

  1. An Associate’s degree holder in Early Childhood, Child Development or closely related field; thus, no additional working experience is required.
  2. CDA credential or 9 college credits in Early Childhood or any closely related field with intent to pursue a CDA certification with two years of experience related for taking care of children.

Thus, it is important that the director as well as its staff has passed background checklist as well as the health and physical examination as stated in the state’s licensing rules.

Links and Contact Information for Class Application

The state of New York has assigned some departments that will take care of childcare and family wellbeing. You can reach the departments in the following contact numbers for more questions and enquiries:

Child Care Licensing Agency
NYS OCFS Division of Child Care Services (Home Office)
South Building, Room 309
52 Washington Street
Rensselaer, NY 12144-2796
Phone: (518) 474-9454

Head Start – State Collaboration Office
Council on Children and Families
52 Washington Street, West Building
Room 256
Rensselaer, NY, 12144
Phone: (518) 473-8081
Fax: (518) 473-2570

State Child Care Resource & Referral Contact
NY State Child Care Coordinating Council, Inc.
230 Washington Avenue Extension
Albany, NY 12203
Phone: (518) 690-4217
Fax: (518) 690-2887

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