California Daycare & Child Care Grants


Starting, and later on maintaining, a child care business requires a considerable amount of capital and the usual recourse is going to a bank to apply for a loan. However, a better option is to look for grants as there are many organizations, both governmental and private, that offer them. It is possible for a child care center to obtain multiple grants to finance its operation. The best source of grants is the local Child and Family Service Office which can help a child care center access several grant programs. In addition, local businesses can also contribute money toward the establishment and maintenance of a child care center.

Applying for a grant is not as difficult or daunting as it may seem. Most organizations that provide grants have ready application forms which are generally self-explanatory. Some grants are provided for child care centers that work with specific groups of children but it is not the general requirements for most of the child care grants. The basic requirements for availing of a grant include a business license to operate a child care center and a federal tax identification number.

Most grant applications require a grant proposal, which is simply a request for a grant that outlines the reasons why the child care center should be entitled to it. The grant proposal, therefore, must “sell” the business to the grant approval board by enumerating the purpose of the center and the population it will serve. The proposal must explain how the child care center can provide a positive impact on the community that it aims to serve. The proposal must also explain how the grant will be specifically used for.

Different Sources of Grants

  1. Federal

    Federal grants are funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the Administration for Children and Families. Funds from this office are funneled down to the communities through state agencies.

    There are other federal programs that support child care such as:

    The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) provides child care vouchers to subsidize the cost of care for low-income families as well as funds for state child care quality improvement initiatives. Nearly half of all children receiving CCDF subsidies are between the ages of five and 12. States are required to utilize at least 4 percent of their CCDF funds on quality activities and may also use discretionary funds earmarked by Congress for school-age care quality improvements and/or resource and referral activities. States may choose to use these funds to support initiatives to improve the quality and availability of school-age care, such as training programs or capacity-building grants for afterschool providers.

    Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funds, which provide financial support for low-income families, may also be used to support afterschool programs in ways consistent with one or more of the four purposes of the TANF program. States may either directly spend TANF funds on afterschool programs and initiatives, or states can transfer up to 30 percent of their federal TANF allocation to the CCDF. TANF funds transferred to CCDF are subject to all of the CCDF rules and requirements, and can be used to expand out-of-school time capacity-building and quality-enhancement efforts. Direct TANF spending can provide states with additional flexibility when it comes to afterschool care. For example, funds can support services for older youth and can support programs as well as individual subsidies for children.

    The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21CCLC) is the only federal funding source that exclusively supports afterschool programs. The purpose of 21CCLC is to support community learning centers that provide students with a broad array of academic enrichment services, including tutoring, homework help, and community service, as well as music, arts, sports, and cultural activities. When the program first began in 1998, the U.S. Department of Education made competitive awards directly to school districts. However, following the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2002, 21CCLC was converted into a state formula grant program. As a result, the Department of Education awards grants to State Education Agencies (SEAs), which then manage statewide competitions to grant funds to eligible organizations.

    Federal Food and Nutrition Programs may support snacks or meals for afterschool program participants. After school programs may be able to receive reimbursements from one of four different food and nutrition programs administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture: the National School Lunch Program: Afternoon Snacks, the Child and Adults Care Food Program, the Summer Food Service Program and the School Breakfast Program. Reimbursement from these programs can be used to free up funds already spent on meals and snacks to support other program components.

  2. State

    State agencies fund child care assistance under Family Child Care and Development Grants. Application for the child care grants and health grants can be made through In addition to government agencies of the state, funding sources could be obtained from the following sources:

    1. Grants for Families:

      Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
      Type of Institution: Private

      Amount: Grants varies from under $10,000 to $300,000
      Purpose of Funding: “An important element of the Foundation’s Family Support Program is access to high-quality, affordable and culturally appropriate child care. The Fund will support child care programs that are linked to other services for low income, working families.”
      Eligibility: Organizations that serve San Francisco and Alameda counties. The Fund supports nonprofit organizations. “In selected cases, the Fund might consider support for projects sponsored by governmental entities.”
      Application Period: Ongoing
      Contact Information:

      Child Care Fund of Alameda (Children and Families Commission)

      Type of Institution: County
      Amount: Not specified

      Purpose of Funding: Emergency Grant: “For unforeseen repairs that impact the health and safety of children, staff, and families.” Quality Improvement Grant: Resources for child development program assessment, planning, and improvement.
      Facility Development Loan: Forgivable loan “for the planning and development of viable, well-designed child care facilities.”
      Business Scholarship Program: Reimburse of child care professionals for the cost of completing a business management course, workshop, conference or training.
      Eligibility: Services available to all licensed child care programs providing services for children under five in Alameda County.

      Facility Development Loan: Applicant must be a nonprofit center.
      Application Period: Contact Commission.
      Contact Information:
      Maria Raff, Program Coordinator
      (510) 667-3074
      1850 Fairway Drive, San

      Leandro, CA 94577

      For All Kids
      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: Typically from $5,000 to $15,000
      Purpose of Funding: “The Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that provide child care for at risk and economically disadvantaged children in underserved communities.”
      Eligibility: Non-profit organizations

      Application Period: Ongoing; disbursements occur twice a year (Feb. and Sept.).

      Contact Information:

      Miriam and Peter Haas Fund
      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: From $100,000 to $400,000
      Purpose of Funding: The “Model Centers Initiative” provides multiyear support to help child care centers that serve low-income families with preschool-age children become “model centers” that provide developmentally appropriate, high quality child care. Funds staff development, salary enhancements, equipment and supplies, physical renovations and planning for the purchase and/or construction of new sites.

      Eligibility: Centers should be “full day, full year, nonprofit programs serving low-income preschoolers and their families in San Francisco.”
      Application Period: Ongoing

      Contact Information:
      (415) 296-9249

      S.H. Cowell Foundation
      Type of Institution: Private

      Amount: Depends on type of project. Projects on website range from $175,000 to $400,000.
      Purpose of Funding: Funded projects “support neighbors’ efforts to counteract poverty by sustaining healthy families, creating dynamic public schools, building quality affordable housing and fostering youth development.”
      Eligibility: “Nonprofit organizations and school districts in rural towns and small urban pockets in Northern California.”
      Application Period: Ongoing

      Contact Information:
      (415) 397-0258

    2. Grants for Women:

      Women’s Foundation Funds:

      • Community Action Fund

      See also:

      • Technical Assistance Program
      • The Economic Development & Justice Fund

      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: From $5,000 to $30,000; $10,000-$15,000
      Purpose of Funding: Projects that benefit low-income women and girls in California. Creative solutions that respond to emerging needs; invest in social change work addressing women’s & girl’s agendas; increase human rights & participation of women & girls

      Eligibility: Non-profit organizations working with low-income women and girls
      Non-profit organizations in central and northern CA
      Period of Application: See website
      Contact Information:
      (415) 873-1113

    3. Grants for Communities:

      ABCD Fund
      Administered by the Low Income Investment Fund
      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: $10,000 to $20,000

      Purpose of Funding: Planning grants are available for early stage project feasibility analysis. Grants will cover expenses such as architectural and development consulting services, engineering analyses and other third-party work to determine project feasibility and/or to develop pro forma budgets and financing plans.

      Eligibility: Statewide.

      Application Period: Ongoing

      Contact Information:
      Noni Ramos
      National Child Care
      Director at LIIF

      (510) 893-3811 x 319

      hmanson Foundation
      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: Not specified

      Purpose of Funding: Funds may be used for awards, construction, equipment, events, general support, lectures, multi-year support, program development, renovation, supplies, training, etc.

      Eligibility: It is generally limited to greater Los Angeles. Applications accepted from nonprofits that don’t “propagandize, influence legislation and/or elections, or organizations involved in political activities or specific advocacy.”
      Application Period: Ongoing

      Contact Information: (310) 278-0770

      Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
      Type of Institution: Federal Program
      Amount: Varies by city

      Purpose of Funding: Priority is given to economic development activities like the provision of public services for youths, seniors or the disabled.
      Eligibility: Entitlement communities qualify, however a separate component provides funds to the states to allocate among localities that aren’t entitlement communities.
      Application Period: Varies by city.

      Contact Information: Community Connections at: 1800-998-9999

      Community Development Commission, County of Los Angeles
      Type of Institution: County

      Amount: From $2,500 to $100,000
      Purpose of Funding: Grants to “start-up or expand a facility, make minor health and safety building improvements, and for permits, equipment and fixture purchases, and other related operations cost.”
      Eligibility: “Centers, large-family and small family child care operations in Los Angeles County.” Must serve high need areas, be licensed and willing to serve CalWORK’s children, have site control of the facility and agree to provide services for 3 years minimum.
      Application Period: Contact the Commission for information.

      Contact Information:

      (213) 430-5400

      2 Coral Circle
      Monterey Park, CA 91755

      Community Foundation
      Silicon Valley

      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: Up to $25,000

      Purpose of Funding: Fund “external efforts, such as providing new programs, core programs and core services to members of the community and internal efforts such as improving staff’s abilities to provide services more efficiently, making the organization more effective, improving day-to-day operations, and building organizational effectiveness. CFSV will also consider grants for general operating support, … this is a secondary priority.”

      Eligibility: Nonprofits and public agencies serving Santa Clara and Southern San Mateo Counties.
      Application Period: Ongoing
      Contact Information:

      Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)
      (Administered by the Dept. of Community Services & Development
      Type of Institution: Federal Program

      Amount: Varies by county

      Purpose of Funding: States distribute the money to eligible entities through their county offices.
      Eligibility: Counties must follow the same federal guidelines to distribute resources to contractors.
      Application Period: Varies by county.
      Contact Information: County Community Action Agency
      (916) 322-2940

      Heron Foundation
      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: Annual grant range $25,000 to $50,000; first time grant range from $25,000 to $50,000
      Purpose of Funding: “The Foundation supports organizations that help low-income people create wealth and take control of their lives…It will consider support for citywide, state or regional efforts that increase the availability of affordable, preschool child care in underserved areas and that help preschool programs to meet or exceed quality standards as set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the National Association for Family Child Care, or Head Start.”
      Eligibility: It funds community development organizations. Priority is given to programs that are “tracking the impact of their approaches on increasing wealth in low-income families and communities.”

      Application Period: Ongoing
      Contact Information:
      (212) 404-1805

      Marin Community Foundation
      Type of Institution: Private

      Amount: Not specified

      Purpose of Funding: The purpose of the Community Development program under the Buck
      Trust program is to “enhance the economic and social well being of low income residents and their communities.”
      Eligibility: Public or nonprofit organizations and educational institutions for projects within Marin and Sonoma counties.
      Application Period: Ongoing
      Contact Information:

      McConnell Foundation

      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: From $30,000 to $100,000
      Purpose of Funding: “The Foundation awards grants in the following general areas: arts and culture, health care, community vitality, recreation, education, social services and environment.”
      Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and public schools. Grants are awarded to Shasta and Siskiyou Counties only.
      Application Period: Consult the Foundation.
      Contact Information:

      (530) 226-6235

      Peninsula Community Foundation
      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: From $500 to $6,000
      Purpose of Funding: According to Sandy Beideman, Program Associate, the Neighborhood Grants Program finances the development of child care facilities; finance training and other related issues as long as residents are involved.
      Eligibility: Restricted to San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Priority given to applications impacting moderate to low-income neighborhoods. Individuals, public agencies or large nonprofits may not apply. Groups of residents can apply.

      Application Period: Consult their website.
      Contact Information:
      (650) 358-9369

      Peninsula Quality Fund
      administered by the Child Care Coordinating Council of San Mateo**

      Type of Institution: County
      Amount: Varies based on project proposed.
      Purpose of Funding: For center renovations that improve program quality.
      Eligibility: “Child Care Centers in San Mateo County, serving at least 25% low-income families.”
      Application Period: Contact organization.
      Contact Information: Sally Cadigan

      (650) 655-6770 x 312

      Proposition 10 Funds,
      admin. by the California Children and Families Commission
      Type of Institution: State funds distributed through counties
      Amount: Varies by county

      Purpose of Funding: Provides funding for “community health care, quality child care and education programs for young children and families, customized to meet local needs.”

      Eligibility: Projects must benefit children under 5.
      Application Period: Varies by county.

      Contact Information:
      and/or information
      provided by regional
      Resource and Referral:


      Shasta Regional Community Foundation
      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: Funds to $10,000 or in conjunction with the McConnell
      Foundation up to $30,000
      Purpose of Funding: To enhance the quality of life of Shasta and Siskiyou communities. The pool of money is not designated for a specific cause or purpose.

      Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations or public agencies. Should provide specific and direct benefits to residents of Shasta and/or Siskiyou counties.
      Period of Application: Consult their website.
      Contact Information:

      Surdna Foundation
      (Family Child Care Initiative)
      Type of Institution: Private

      Amount: Average: $100,000

      Purpose of Funding: The Foundation supports: “the seeding and replicating of promising local
      initiatives; understanding and communicating best practices; and, effecting public policy.” May provide operational support for projects that have demonstrated high impact in their communities and have potential for replication in other localities.
      Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations. The Foundation does “not generally fund individuals, capital campaigns or building construction or projects that are internationally based or focus.”
      Application Period: Ongoing

      Contact Information:

      (212) 557-0010

      Weingart Foundation
      Type of Institution: Private
      Amount: Grants begin in $5,000 without maximum amount.
      Purpose of Funding: “Grants to assist credible agencies and institutions servicing children and youth, the aged, the disabled, the homeless, the sick, the poor, or otherwise disadvantaged, and projects benefiting the general community. “
      Eligibility: “Grants generally are not approved for agencies or for projects or programs normally financed by government sources.” Preference is given to non-profits providing services in Southern California Counties.

      Application Period: Ongoing
      Contact Information:
      (213) 688-7799

    4. Potential Grant Resources for Child Care Facilities Development in California

      The following list includes foundations that historically have interest in providing funds for child care program and in building facilities development projects in the State of California. These foundations, however, are not guaranteed to provide funding for child care; they are identified only as potential sources of grants.

      Ayrshire Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide- preference given to communities where one or more trustees live
      301 E. Colorado Blvd., No 802
      Pasadena, CA 91101
      P: (626) 795-7583

      Contact: James N. Gamble, President

      William C. Bannerman Foundation
      Coverage: Los Angeles Area
      9255 Sunset Blvd., Suite 400
      West Hollywood, CA 90069

      Contact: Elliot Ponchick, President

      Donald R. Barker Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide
      P.O. Box 936
      Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-0936

      P: (760) 324-2656
      Contact: Nancy Harris, Executive Administrator

      K & F Baxter Foundation, Inc.
      Coverage: Statewide for general grants
      Grants to schools are limited to Alameda, Contra
      Costa, San Francisco, and Los Angeles Counties

      P.O. Box 13053
      Berkeley, CA 94712-4053
      P: (510) 524-8145
      Contact: Stacy Bell, Executive Director
      Fax: (510) 524-4101


      Bothin Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide, with emphasis on San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, San Mateo and Santa Barbara Counties
      P.O. Box 29906

      San Francisco, CA 94129
      P: (415) 561-6540
      Contact: Lyman H. Casey, Executive Director
      Fax: (415) 561-6477

      C.A.W. Foundation

      Coverage: Primarily in San Francisco, San Benito, Mendocino, San Luis Obispo and southern Monterey Counties
      P.O. Box 29906
      San Francisco, CA 94129
      P: (415) 561-6540
      Contact: Mary Gregory, Executive Director


      Caruso Family Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide

      100 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1400
      Santa Monica, CA 90401

      P: (310) 445-0076
      Contact: David J. Liston, C.F.O

      Clorox Company Foundation

      Coverage: Primarily in Oakland, its headquarters community, and in areas where company facilities are located
      1221 Broadway

      13th Floor
      Oakland, CA 94612
      P: (510) 271-7751
      Contact: Victoria Jones
      Fax: (510) 208-4103

      Confidence Foundation
      Coverage: Primarily in Los Angeles
      625 Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 360
      South Pasadena, CA 91030
      P: (626) 441-5188

      Contact: Linda Blinkenberg, President
      Fax: (626) 441-3672

      Sylvan C. Coleman Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide
      C/o The Bank of New York, Tax Dept.

      1 Wall St., 28th Floor
      New York, NY 10286
      Contact: Clarence B. Coleman, Trustee
      Application address: 2401 Merced St., San Leandro, CA 94577

      S.H. Cowell Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide, excluding Southern California

      120 Montgomery St., Suite 2570
      San Francisco, CA 94104
      P: (415) 397-0285
      Contact: Susan Vandiver, Vice President
      Fax: (415) 986-6786


      Crail-Johnson Foundation
      Coverage: Primarily in Los Angeles County
      222 W. 6th St., Suite 1010
      San Pedro, CA 90731
      P: (310) 519-7413
      Contact: Eric C. Johnson, Chairman
      Fax: (310) 519-7221

      Deluxe Corporation Foundation

      Coverage: California communities where Deluxe offices are
      located: Antelope Valley, Chatsworth, San Jose
      P.O. Box 64235
      St. Paul, MN 55164
      P: (651) 787-5124

      Contact: Jennifer Anderson

      Department of Health and Human
      Services, Child Care Bureau

      Coverage: Grants available to Federally recognized Tribal Governments for child care programs through the Child Care and Development Block Grant (Child Care and Development Fund CCDF))

      330 C Street, SW
      Washington, DC 20447
      P: (202) 690-6782
      F: (202) 690-5600

      Walt-Disney Company Foundation
      Coverage: Primarily in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

      500 S. Buena Vista St.
      Burbank, CA 91521
      P: (818) 560-1006

      Contact: Tillie Baptie, Executive Director
      Or Doris Smith

      Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
      Coverage: Primarily in Los Angeles Area


      707 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 4960
      Los Angeles, CA 90017
      P: (213) 488-1122
      Contact: Nina Shepard, C.A.O
      Fax: (213) 488-1544


      Dreyer’s Grand Ice CreamFoundation
      Coverage: Primarily Oakland and the East Bay

      (Large and Small Grants, and a Community Bus program available for local field trips)
      5929 College Ave.
      Oakland, CA 94618
      P: (510) 450-4586

      Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation, Inc.
      Coverage: Primarily in San Francisco and Monterey Counties

      1533 Sunset Dr., Suite 150
      Coral Gables, FL 33143
      P: (305) 668-4192

      Contact: William A. Lane, Jr., President
      Fax: (305) 668-4247

      Georges & Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation, Inc.
      Coverage: Statewide
      7060 Hollywood, CA 90028

      P: (323) 461-4453
      Contact: Richard G. Herlihy, Manager
      Application address: 590 N. Rossmore Ave., Apt. 10
      Los Angeles, CA 90004

      Gannett Foundation
      Coverage: In Gannett Company communities: Palm Springs, Sacramento, Salinas, Visalia

      The Desert Sun
      750 North Gene Autry Trail
      Palm Springs, CA 92263
      P: (760) 778-4502
      Contact: Mindy Watkins

      KXTV-TV (Channel 10, ABC)
      PO Box 10
      Sacramento, CA 95812-0010
      P: (916) 441-2345
      Contact: Laverne Blair
      The Californian

      123 W. Alisal St.
      Salinas, CA 93901
      P: (408) 424-2221
      Contact: Julie Graulich
      Visalia Times-Delta
      330 North West St.

      Visalia, CA 93277
      P: (559) 735-3200
      Contact: Melanie Casares

      John Gogian Family Foundation
      Coverage: Primarily in Los Angeles County

      3305 Fujita St.
      Torrance, CA 90505
      Contact: Lindsay Ewry, Managing Director

      John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide, with emphasis on Los Angeles and San Francisco

      10400 Deer Valley Rd.
      North Brentwood, CA 94513
      P: (925) 978-0320
      Contact: Janet Lindsay, Executive Director

      Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund

      Coverage: Primarily in San Francisco Bay Area
      1 Daniel Burnham Ct., Suite 330C
      San Francisco, CA 94109
      P: (415) 771-1717

      Contact: Nancy Kami, Executive Director
      Fax: (415) 771-1797

      Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund
      Coverage: Primarily in San Francisco Bay Area

      1 Lombard St., Suite 303
      San Francisco, CA 94111
      P: (415) 788-1090
      Contact: Robert Gamble, Executive Director
      Fax: (415) 788-7890


      Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation

      Long Beach 401 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 503
      Long Beach, California 90802

      P: (562) 437-2882
      Contact: Julie Meenan, Executive Director
      Fax: (562) 437-4212

      Miriam and Peter Haas Fund

      Coverage: Primarily in San Francisco
      201 Filbert St., 5th Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94133
      P: (415) 296-9249
      Contact: David Thesell, Grants Manager

      Fax: (415) 296-8842

      Walter and Elise Haas Fund
      Coverage: Primarily in San Francisco, sometimes available for Alameda, Marin, and San Mateo Counties as well

      1 Lombard St., Suite 305
      San Francisco, CA 94111
      P: (415) 398-4474
      Contact: Bruce Sievers, Executive Director

      Crescent Porter Hale Foundation
      Coverage: San Francisco Bay Area 655 Redwood Hwy., Suite 301
      Mill Valley, CA 94941
      P: (415) 388-2333
      Contact: Ulla Davis, Executive Director
      Fax: (415) 381-4799

      George Hoag Family Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide with emphasis on Orange County

      2029 Century Park E., Suite 4392
      Los Angeles, CA 90067
      P: (310) 785-0690

      Contact: W. Dickerson Milliken

      R.D. & Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide

      P.O. Box 2498
      Ruidoso, New Mexico 88355

      P: (505) 258-5919
      Contact: James Stoddard, Executive Director
      Fax: (505) 258-3749

      Humboldt Area Foundation
      Coverage: Humboldt, Del Norte, Siskiyou, and Trinity Counties


      P.O. Box 99
      Bayside, CA 95524
      P: (707) 442-2993
      Contact: Peter Pennekamp, Executive Director
      Fax: (707) 442-3811


      Hutton Foundation
      Coverage: Primarily in Orange and Santa Barbara Counties

      101 W. Anapamu St., 4th Floor

      Santa Barbara, CA 93101
      P: (805) 957-4740
      Contact: Pam Hamlin
      Fax: (805) 957-4743

      W.M. Keck Foundation
      Coverage: Los Angeles County

      550 South Hope, Suite 2500
      Los Angeles, CA 90071

      P: (213) 612-2022
      Contact: Dr. Dorothy Fleisher, Program Director

      Kimball Foundation
      Coverage: Primarily in San Francisco, San Mateo, Sonoma, Marin, and Santa Clara Counties

      P.O. Box 29906
      San Francisco, CA 94129
      P: (415) 561-6540
      Contact: Mary Callender, Program Officer

      Ludwick Family Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide

      P.O. Box 1796
      Glendora, CA 91740

      P: (626) 852-0092
      Contact: Patrick Bushman, Executive Vice President
      Or Joan Bailey, Director of Grants Program
      Fax: (626) 852-0776

      Milken Family Foundation
      Coverage: Primarily in Los Angeles Area

      c/o Foundations of the Milken Family
      1250 4th St., 6th Floor

      Santa Monica, CA 90401
      P: (310) 998-2800
      Contact: Dr. Julius Lesner, Senior Vice President
      Fax: (310) 998-2828

      PacifiCorp Foundation for Learning
      Coverage: Emphasis on Northern California, primarily where
      PacifiCorp has operations
      825 N.E. Multonamah, Suite 2000

      Portland, OR 97232
      P: (503) 813-7257
      Contact: Isaac Regenstreif, Executive Director
      Fax: (503) 813-5272

      David and Lucile Packard Foundation
      Coverage: San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties
      Children, Families, and Communities Program
      300 Second Street

      Los Altos, CA 94022

      Providian Financial
      Coverage: (Community Giving Committee)
      Communities where Providian has offices


      201 Mission Street, 10th Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94105
      P: (415) 278-4336
      Contact: Loren Brown

      Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
      Coverage: Los Angeles County

      1055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1701
      Los Angeles, CA 90017
      P: (213) 482-3185

      Contact: Wendy Hoppe, Executive Director
      Fax: (213) 482-8878

      Rivkin Family Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide

      836 Prospect St., Suite 202

      La Jolla, CA 92037
      Contact: Mike Rivkin

      San Francisco Foundation

      Coverage; San Francisco Bay Area

      The San Francisco Foundation

      225 Bush Street, Suite 500
      San Francisco, CA 94104-4224
      Contact: Derek Aspacher, Grants Management
      Fax: (415) 477-2598

      Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
      Coverage: San Francisco and San Mateo Counties

      1650 S. Amphlett Blvd., Suite 300
      San Mateo, CA 94402
      P: (650) 655-2412

      Contact: Helen Schwab, President
      Fax: (650) 655-2411

      Morris Stulsaft Foundation
      Coverage: San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties
      100 Bush St., Suite 825
      San Francisco, CA 94104
      P: (415) 986-7117

      Contact: Joseph Valentine, Executive Director
      Fax: (415) 986-2521

      S. Mark Taper Foundation
      Coverage: Statewide
      12011 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 400
      Los Angeles, CA 90049
      P: (310) 476-5413

      Contact: Raymond F. Reisler, Executive Director
      Fax: (310) 471-4993

California Daycare Training and Education